January 2024: Global distribution of floatovoltaics in freshwater ecosystems. Have a look at our new article.

September 2023: Great workshop of the Food-Webs consortium at CESAB in Montpellier.

August 2023: Getting ready for more field work on gravel pit lakes to continue our long term monitoring !

March 2023: Kick-off meeting of the ECOSYNC project funded by the Labex TULIP. Amazing meeting in Toulouse with all consortium members !!

March 2023: Welcome ChloƩ ! ChloƩ is joining the lab to work on our new project ECOSYNC

December 2022: Welcome back Paul ! Some more gravel pit lakes sampling ahead !

October 2022: One more year of gravel pit lake sampling…how do food webs change in 10 years?

September 2022: Congratulations Regina for obtaining a Marie-Curie fellowship for the project ECLIPSE aiming to assess the ecological impacts of floating solar power plants !

October 2021: This is it, back from the field ! 10th year of measuring the structure of fish communities and food webs in gravel pit lakes.

October 2021: Welcome Flavien ! Flavien is our new PhD student working on the effects on biological invasions on lake food web and functioning – Project STABLELAKE.

September 2021: Welcome Amanda ! Amanda is a visiting PhD student from Brazil working on the drivers of co-occurence between native and non-native fish species.

May 2021: Welcome Regina ! Regina is joining the lab to work on the functional ecology of lakes in the project SOLAKE.

March 2021: Pierre Favriou is joining the lab and will be involved in our research on lake ecology

January 2021: New article quantifying freshwater fish stocking practices in France:

Article HERE

Novembre 2020: New article available online about the potential effects of releasing domesticated fish on ecosystem functioning

Article HERE

August 2020: New article available online about the potential counterproductive effects of invasive crayfish management on ecosystem functioning. ERADINVA project

Article HERE

Press release (in French) HERE

July 2020: Finally back to the lab and able to start some novel experiments.

May 2020: While the sanitary crisis is strongly impacting our field season and experimentations, there is one great news: Ignasi Arranz Urgell is joining the lab as a post-doctorate. SPECTRA project

November 2019: Field sampling in remote Chilean Patagonia on invasive Salmonids. INTRU project

October 2019: Field sampling to assess food chain length in gravel pit lakes and its relation with ecosystem stability STABLELAKE project

September 2019: Collecting invasive crayfish in gravel pit lakes to reveal the pathways of invasion. DISPERSINVA project

May 2019: Measuring the optical properties of water as part of the STABLELAKE project

April 2019: Welcome to the new website of our lab!